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Are you concerned about the Livingston Police? Read Livingston City Commissioner Melissa Nootz’s description of the complaint process.

“Some Livingston residents have shared with me their concerns about excessive use of force by local police.

I am sharing the process of complaints and investigations as I understand them from my communications with the City Manager, Michael Kardoes. My goal with sharing this information, is that citizens wanting to follow up with a complaint about an interaction with the police can have a clearer understanding of the current process. And also – complaints filed mean the City Manager and Police Chief will be made aware of what citizens are experiencing – and they will be able to follow up on incidents with investigations.

For an overview of the Livingston Police Department, please visit this website: livingston_police_department_overview.php

If a citizen wants to report an incident, please use this form:

If individuals wish to remain anonymous, the City understands and is willing to work with them. Please know that anonymous complaints can make parts of the investigation process more challenging and disciplinary action less likely.

The Chief of Police and the City Manager will look at all independently verifiable information. If none is available, any official disciplinary action will be extremely difficult. Additionally, anonymous complaints will not be counted in the formal statistics nor will they receive an official resolution determination.

Please be prepared to share the date, time, and officer involved in the incident to allow a review of available information. And please know that the City cannot provide confidential criminal justice information without a District Court Order under State law.

You are always welcome to speak with the Chief of Police or the City Manager directly if you prefer not to provide a written complaint.

*Dale Johnson – Police Chief – (406) 222-2050

*Michael Kardoes – City Manager – (406) 823-6000

If you want to go outside the standard staff members and procedures to file a complaint, please contact one of the following:

*Courtney Lawellin – Livingston City Attorney – (406) 823-6007

*Lisa Lowy – Livingston Human Resources Director – (406) 823-9870

*ASPEN (Abuse Support & Prevention Education Network) – Please ask ASPEN if they would be willing to be a liaison for you. The City doesn’t have a formal relationship with ASPEN in filing complaints, but the City is open to work with citizens who feel most comfortable having support from ASPEN during the process. – (406) 222-5902

*Melissa Nootz – Livingston City Commissioner – (406) 563-5722

If you have questions about police policy, use of force, the discipline process, or other topics – please stay in touch. The Livingston City Commission and City Manager have committed to work together to share and understand these policies with our community – and also get feedback about them.

If you have any further questions – and you haven’t found what you are looking for at any of the websites linked – please reach out to the City Manager for more information. Alternatively, if you prefer to connect with me – the best way is via email:

Thanks, Melissa Nootz

Livingston City Commissioner”