In this time of military posturing: MWF will bring peace activist Brian Willson to Bozeman to speak

Syria brinksmanship.  Afghanistan super bomb.  Threats and saber rattling toward North Korea.  Acts of war as the solution to intractable problems are the stories in the news almost every day right now.  But violence does not prevent more violence.  It almost always escalates it.  Peace is not weakness.

Those of us who abhor war need to stand up and resist this march to military madness.  If you need inspiration and information about activism in the cause of peace, come to hear Brian Willson speak and watch a film about his life and work.  Montana Women For is sponsoring an evening with this inspirational, informational peace activist on May 22nd beginning at 6 pm at Christus Collegium in Bozeman (714 S. Eighth St in Bozeman).

For more information:

Brian Willson Press Release

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