MWF Action Planning Meeting



Tuesday, June 6th from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Treasure Lanes Conference Room, 1122 W. Front St. in Livingston

Now that the special election is over, it is time to turn our energy to building and strengthening our community of activists. MWF will have a meeting on June 6th where we will plan actions and campaigns to support and encourage the progressives who are out there wondering what is next.

Light refreshments will be served.

Should we have a Rapid Response Phone Tree to respond to late-breaking events, actions, etc? Should we march in the 2017 Bozeman Pride Parade in June? Should we branch out and try to have an influence in parts of Montana where progressives are not visible (Great Falls, Billings, rural Montana)? Should we have someone go to City Commission and County Commission meetings in Livingston and Bozeman? Should we organize a carpool system for attending marches/rallies in Helena and other far-flung places? How about a bus? Can we organize childcare for our events? What other ideas do you have?

We are reaching out to other groups in the area, hoping they’ll alert their members and some will come so that we can collaborate and cross-pollinate between progressive groups in our area.

Come join us! We’re going to meet in the conference room at the bowling alley in Livingston! Everyone is welcome.

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